Application Guidelines

Grant Review Schedule

Applications are normally considered at the September and December meetings of the Foundation’s Board of Directors each year. For 2018, the periods for submission are:

  • September meeting:  April 2 – June 15 at 2 p.m.
  • December meeting:  June 18 – September 14 at 2 p.m.

Completed hard-copy applications must be date stamped in our office no later than June 15th and September 14th.

Application and Grant Summary

The Foundation requests a letter of not more than three pages describing the organization and the uses to which the requested funds will be put.

A Grant Summary Form [PDF: 38KB], downloadable from this site, is to be included. It requests such additional information as recent audited financial statements, a current budget, sources of other income, proof of tax exempt status, and a listing of the board of directors.

We do not accept faxed or e-mailed proposals at this time. Mail the Application Package to:

Community Grants
Pfaffinger Foundation
420 E. Third St. Suite 1010
Los Angeles, CA  90013


Program effectiveness 
Every proposal should specifically address the criteria by which the effectiveness of the program(s) supported by the grant will be measured, how this data will be used in the organization and how and when it will be communicated to the Foundation.

Organizational effectiveness
In addition to evaluating program effectiveness, the foundation will also consider the following additional criteria:

  1. Whether the organization has formalized strategic planning and/or budget review processes,
  2. Whether a formalized process is used for evaluating the senior managers of the organization,
  3. Whether measures have been adopted to assess the effectiveness of the board of   directors and to communicate this to the board, and
  4. Whether the organization’s fund-raising and administrative costs seem proportionate to its total budget.

The above four factors will be weighted more heavily in requests for unrestricted support. 

Evaluation and Notification

Following receipt of a proposal, the Foundation may request additional information and in some cases schedule a site visit. Every proposal is reviewed by staff. Every proposal not outside the programmatic or geographic scope is reviewed by a Board committee before final recommendations are made to the Board of Directors. 

Applicants whose proposals are considered during the first round of grant making will be notified by the end of September 2018, and those considered in the second round, by the end of December 2018. Because funding is limited, some worthwhile proposals must be declined earlier after initial reviews by staff or by the Board committee.


Pfaffinger now requests a midyear and year-end communication from our community grant recipients. These should address the progress made on the grant purpose or, if for unrestricted support, recent developments in the organization. While there is no prescribed format for these reports, and a couple of pages will suffice, we do look forward to hearing from each recipient organization.