Seen Your Dentist Lately?

Dental care is the fastest-rising cost among Pfaffinger clients.  Some have not seen a dentist since the Great Recession, allowing serious, costly, and uncomfortable dental problems to develop.  Dental neglect is found across all age groups, from preschoolers to seniors.

A recent report from the University of the Pacific (UOP) in California stated:

Neglected dental disease can lead to serious, widespread, and sometimes tragic consequences, including missed school days among children and missed work among adults, [and]  increased expenses for advanced reparative dental treatment . . . .

The UOP report also mentioned decreased “social engagement” and employability among adults with missing teeth, and even life-threatening infections.  We have seen all these problems among our clients in recent years.

The cost and quality of dental care can vary.  That is why your dentist’s treatment plan must be pre-approved by Pfaffinger to qualify for reimbursement.  In many cases the Foundation will consult an outside expert for an evaluation.  Most treatment plans are approved, and some are improved to the benefit of the patient.  Please obtain pre-approval in order to be eligible for assistance with this expense.