Welcome to our website!

Help for the journey . . . .

This phrase, the theme of our new website, reflects our desire to help our eligible clients when they encounter serious difficulties in their life’s journeys. From young employees to the oldest retirees, Pfaffinger is providing assistance in a variety of ways.

This website is another way we seek to help. Our website is a tool to show you how we can provide assistance, to determine whether you are eligible, and to understand how to access our services.

Are we accomplishing these goals? Please let us know. We value your opinions about this site and anything else to do with Pfaffinger. Simply write us at info@pfoundation.org.

Our work with employees and retirees gives our staff insights into the challenges being faced by many families and individuals today. From time to time we will be sharing here some thoughts about these issues. We hope you find these helpful. We will also post information that will be useful to our community grant applicants and recipients.

In the meantime, enjoy the journey – and let us know how we can help.