How do we apply for a grant?

Click here to apply for a Community Grant

What are your application deadlines?

For 2022, the deadline is June 30, 2022

How long before we receive a decision on our request?

Applications submitted will receive notifications by mid October.

Is our organization eligible?

Please see our Grant Guidelines.

How much should we ask for?

Nearly all of our grants are between $15,000 and $25,000.

How often can we reapply?

As a general rule, organizations may reapply annually, unless they were determined to be outside of our scope, geographical area, etc.

What is your grant review process?

The process begins as soon as the request is received. A staff review determines whether the organization is within our geographic area and the request is within our scope. Multiple staff members review the proposal and its attachments and a site visit may be scheduled. All eligible grants go before a Board committee for further review, and that committee recommends a schedule of grants to the full Board of Directors. Final decisions are made by the Board in September and December of each year. 

Can we request general operating support?

Yes.  The Foundation is a long-time advocate of general operating support. Please see the Grant Guidelines. 

Why does the Foundation’s grant funding vary from year to year?

Sometimes our core Individual Assistance program consumes all or nearly all of our available funding. In that case our direct giving to charitable organizations is reduced. The Foundation maintains a donor-advised fund at the California Community Foundation, and may recommend limited grants from that fund in years when direct giving is not possible.

Do you make charitable contributions to individuals?

Only through our Individual Assistance program, which assists needy employees and retirees of companies formerly affiliated with The Times Mirror Company. Otherwise, we make grants only to organizations with a 501(c)3 ruling from the IRS, and with audited financial statements.

Why was our proposal declined?

Some of the reasons that grant proposals are declined are:

  1.  The request was outside the scope of the Foundation’s activities.
  2. The organization was outside Los Angeles and Orange counties.
  3. The request lacked a strong enough link to the Foundation’s grant making priorities.
  4. There was insufficient funding to support all worthwhile proposals.

May we reapply?

You may reapply after one full year.

Does Pfaffinger Foundation accept charitable donations?

Thank you, but our financial resources are adequate to address our needs. We recommend that you contribute to another worthy nonprofit organization, such as those listed in our Recent Grants section.