Applying For A Grant

How to Apply

To qualify for Foundation assistance, an eligible employee, former employee, retiree or surviving spouse would be in a situation where most liquid assets have been depleted, not including a house or car.

To apply for assistance:

  1. Confirm your eligibility before applying.
  2. If you are employed by a company on the Employers’ List, please obtain an application from the employee relations or human resources department. Each department has a Pfaffinger Liaison. If not, contact the Foundation directly.
  3. Include the financial information requested and a detailed explanation of the problem, and how funds will be used.
  4. Attach copies of the last two paycheck stubs, if any.
  5. Attach the previous year’s income tax return.
  6. Mail all documents to Pfaffinger Foundation, or fax after calling first.
    Pfaffinger Foundation
    420 E. Third St. Suite 1010
    Los Angeles CA  90013
    Call: 213-680-7475
  7. Expect a telephone call from a Pfaffinger case manager who will discuss your case and may request additional information as part of the Review Process.

Disclosure and Privacy Information

All information that you provide to Pfaffinger is confidential. Pfaffinger will never share any information with anyone without your express approval, except as required by law. In the Foundation’s evaluation of your application, it may be necessary to confirm information with financial institutions, your employer, or providers such as doctors or hospitals. You will be asked to authorize such contacts by signing the application form. You should therefore carefully read the form before signing it.