I’d like to request a loan. Do I need to go through the whole application process?

Our evaluation process for a loan is identical to the process for a grant. You will need to complete an application.

We can no longer afford our daughter’s college tuition. Can you help?

We’re sorry, but we do not offer tuition assistance in cases such as this, nor do we operate a scholarship program.

Should I submit pay stubs and tax information for my spouse, even though we file separately?

Our evaluation is based on household income. Please submit financial information for all those living in the household.

We haven’t filed taxes in a number of years. Is that a problem?

If you do not have a return for the most recent tax year, we cannot assist you, unless you were not required to file in that year.

How long is the wait time for a decision on my request?

From the time your application is complete, a decision is usually made in two to three weeks. However, it may have taken additional weeks to get the information needed to complete the application.

I have assets, including a 401(k) account. Do I have to use these funds first?

A decision will be made based on your overall financial circumstances and needs.

Does the Foundation help with dental expenses?

Yes, but pre-approval is required. Contact the Foundation prior to having dental work done.

Does the Foundation assist with COBRA insurance premiums?

Sometimes, for a limited period. We strongly recommend that you not allow any lapse in your medical insurance if you are laid off, and that you evaluate several options.

Do you have to contact my supervisor?

We need to verify your employment status, but we disclose nothing about your application or circumstances.

May I e-mail my completed application?

Your application includes personal information, and e-mail is not secure. It should be mailed or faxed. Our fax number is 213-680-7474.

Can you assist my adult son who is unemployed?

We regret that we can only assist the eligible employee/retiree, spouse, and minor children.

May I be assigned to the same case manager I had last time?

We try to do this.

My co-worker is having a difficult time. Could you send them an application?

Please give your co-worker our contact information or refer them to this site.

We are grateful to Pfaffinger. May we make a donation to you?

Thank you, but our financial resources are adequate to address our needs. We recommend that you contribute to another worthy nonprofit organization, such as those listed in our Recent Grants section.

Why was my application denied?

There are several reasons your application might be denied. Among them:

  1. We could not verify your employment or your household income.
  2. You appear to have adequate resources to meet your current need.
  3. You are not eligible for Pfaffinger assistance. Please do not apply before confirming your eligibility.
  4. From a previous application, you did not follow through on actions you agreed to take.
  5. You did not repay a previous loan from the Foundation.
  6. The information you provided was misleading or dishonest.
  7. Your situation was not unforeseen.