Review Process

Pfaffinger’s professional case managers carefully evaluate each application. Referrals are often made to outside resources, such as a credit counseling organization.

Your case manager needs to fully understand your situation, so you may have a number of telephone conversations. A decision on your request cannot be made until all financial and employment information has been verified. The case manager will work with you to gather any additional information necessary. As soon as your application is complete, it is referred to the Case Committee, which includes current and former managers from the newspapers whose employees are Pfaffinger-eligible.  The Case Committee normally makes a decision within one to two weeks. The Case Committee’s deliberations are totally confidential.

Our Goals

While everyone’s situation is different, your case manager does have some broad goals in mind:

For employees and former employees under 65, our goal is to encourage applicants to remain employed or to find employment. Applicants often need to reduce debt and monthly costs. Virtually none of our applicants can afford to retire early. Pfaffinger support is to bridge periods of financial distress and return the client to self-sufficiency.

For retirees over 65, Pfaffinger works with the applicant to use carefully all available financial resources: pension, Social Security, savings, earned income, and family support. It may be necessary for retirees to reduce debt and monthly costs. Pfaffinger assistance may then help the applicant to live with dignity, and independently as long as is safe.

Your Case Manager

Your case manager is a professional, university-trained social worker with at least two decades of experience in assisting individuals. He or she can answer other questions about Pfaffinger Foundation and the application review process. Clients with ongoing needs may find the case manager a helpful resource in dealing with problems that arise.