Sample Grants

Case Studies

Note: Pfaffinger Foundation maintains a high standard of confidentiality. Identifying information and some details have been changed to protect the identity of our grant recipients.

Marie is a 48 year old single mother who has worked at her newspaper for more than 15 years. In 2011, high winds and heavy rain damaged the roof of her old home and leaked into several rooms. Her modest income and frugal budget did not provide any extra money to pay for a new roof. After Marie provided three estimates for the required repairs, Pfaffinger Foundation approved a grant to assist with the necessary repairs.

Frank is a 64 year old married father of three adult children who has worked at his newspaper for over 34 years. His wife works as an administrative assistant and one son is living at home and taking classes at a local college. Frank unexpectedly became very ill, required multiple hospitalizations and filed for medical leave with his employer. He received Short Term Disability benefits, but was unable to pay his living expenses and medical bills with his reduced income. His wife’s earnings decreased due to her absence from work to care for Frank and transport him to medical appointments. Pfaffinger Foundation provided financial assistance with his unforeseen medical bills and his health insurance premiums during his period of disability. After several months of medical treatment, Frank made a healthy recovery and returned to his job full time.

Neal is a 56 year old married man with no children who worked at his newspaper for 14 years before he was laid off in 2008. While actively seeking employment, Neal obtained a grant from his local employment center and completed a computer software training program to improve his job prospects. Following his lay-off, Pfaffinger Foundation assisted briefly with housing expenses, COBRA health insurance premiums, and an outstanding hospital bill. Neal contacted his case manager in 2012 to inform her of the good news that he had been hired in a full time position with health insurance benefits at a large company.

Teresa is an 85 year old widowed retiree from her newspaper. She has multiple medical conditions and paralysis on one side of her body as a result of a stroke she suffered several years ago. Teresa lives in a subsidized housing building for low income seniors where she can access public transportation to complete errands and participate in physical therapy and an exercise class for older adults. Her Pfaffinger Foundation case manager connected Teresa to resources in her community to support her independent living. The foundation has provided financial assistance for essential medical expenses and a limited number of hours of a care attendant. The attendant assists Teresa with grocery shopping and travel to medical appointments as she has no family living in her area.