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Individual Grants

Frequently Asked Questions

    We help eligible employees and retirees of the former Times Mirror companies who face financial hardship work towards self-sufficiency and a better quality of life.

    Our professional case management and direct financial assistance allow us to help clients with documented financial need.

    We extend our work to the broader community through special initiatives and grants.

    • Medical and dental
    • Mortgage and rent
    • Essential home repairs
    • Essential utilities (such as water, electricity)
    • Transportation expenses (including vehicle repairs)
    • Other short-term expenses
    • Job training or certification
    • Vacations or travel
    • College tuition or school loans
    • Personal loans
    • Credit card debt
    • Non-essential home repairs or improvements
    • Optional/elective medical or dental treatments

    For first time applicants, we will ask you for documentation to verify your employment information.

    Once your eligibility is confirmed, you may fill out an Application for Assistance with the financial information requested, a detailed explanation of the problem and how the funds will be used.

    We will require additional documentation such as copies of your: Last two paycheck stubs or proof of income, previous year’s income tax return, and documentation to support your request for assistance.

    Please include the financial information for all adult members of your household.

    You will expect to receive a telephone call from a case manager who will discuss your case and may request additional information as part of the Grant Process.

    You may be eligible for limited assistance through the Foundation’s Discretionary Fund if you worked for one year or more at a former Times Mirror company during a qualified time period. This program was created in 2017 to help employees who were no longer eligible for assistance.

    Our evaluation is based on household income. Please submit financial information for all those living in the household.

    If you do not have a return for the most recent tax year, we cannot assist you, unless you were not required to file in that year.

    A decision will be made based on your overall financial circumstances and needs.

    We will use discretion when we verify your employment status and will not disclose information about your application or circumstances. Information shared with the Foundation is confidential.

    We can only assist the eligible employee/retiree, spouse, and minor children.

    We do not offer tuition assistance in cases such as this, nor do we operate a scholarship program.

    Sometimes, for a limited period. We strongly recommend that you not allow any lapse in your medical insurance if you are laid off, and that you evaluate several options.

    In some cases, the Foundation may help with dental expenses if you do not have the resources to pay for your treatment. Elective or cosmetic dental work will not be considered. Contact the Foundation prior to having dental work done.

    For dental work requests, you will be required to submit a copy of your current dental treatment plan and digital x-rays which will be reviewed and pre-approved by the Foundation’s dental consultant.

    Please encourage your co-worker to contact us.

    You may mail or fax the application materials to the Foundation office.

    • Mailing Address: 420 E. Third St., Suite #1010, Los Angeles, CA 90013
    • Fax: 213-680-7474

    We recommend that you mail or fax your application.

    From the time we receive your completed application and you complete your interview with a case manager, the Case Committee reviews the application and typically makes a decision in two to three weeks. However, this time may vary and it may have taken additional weeks to get the information needed to complete the application.

    There are several reasons your application might be denied. Among them:

    • We could not verify your employment or your household income.
    • You appear to have adequate resources to meet your current need.
    • You did not follow through on actions you agreed to take.
    • You did not repay a previous loan from the Foundation.
    • The information you provided was misleading or dishonest.
    • Your situation was not unforeseen.

    Thank you, but our financial resources are adequate to address our needs. We recommend that you contribute to another worthy nonprofit organization, such as those listed in our Recent Grants section.

    Our skilled case managers can refer you to resources in your community, local nonprofit agency or government entity that may help address your situation.

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