Frank Pfaffinger, founder
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Frank Pfaffinger

Mr. Pfaffinger (pronounced FAF-in-jer) was a Bavarian immigrant who worked for the Los Angeles Times from 1887 until his death in 1940, a total of 53 years. As the longtime business manager of the Los Angeles Times, he also served as the treasurer of the Times Mirror Company for 22 years.

He was remembered as hard working, loyal, impeccably honest and ethical, and frugal.

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The Foundation

Mr. Pfaffinger played a role in the growth of Los Angeles by investing exclusively in Southern California business and residential development, particularly in the greater downtown area. During these years, Mr. Pfaffinger quietly began providing his co-workers with financial assistance when they faced unforeseen difficulties. This aspect of his philanthropy was little known during his lifetime.

In 1936 Mr. Pfaffinger contributed the bulk of his estate to establish the Pfaffinger Foundation. He requested that, to the extent necessary, its resources be directed to assist needy employees and former employees of the Times Mirror companies.