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Individual Grants

Grant Process

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About our Grant Process

While each individual’s situation is different, your case manager does have some broad goals in mind. We are here to help applicants overcome a financial hardship and plan for more stability.

If you are having trouble paying for your essential living expenses, we encourage you to apply for assistance. We value trust and confidentiality, and we understand that asking for help can be difficult. Our case mangers will request information about your work history, health, household budget, family, support, and finances.

For all applicants

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For all applicants

Our focus is on looking at what the applicant and their families can do to address their challenges. The Foundation can provide resources and short-term assistance for essential needs during times of unforeseen hardship.


For currently employed workers

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For currently employed workers

Our goal is to encourage applicants to remain employed or to find employment.

Applicants often need to reduce debt and monthly costs. Virtually none of our applicants can afford to retire early. The Foundation support is to bridge periods of financial distress and assist applicants as they take steps to become more self-sufficient.

For retirees and former employees over 65

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For retirees and former employees over 65

Our case managers work with applicants to address their challenges, access community resources and family support and plan to manage their financial resources to improve their situation.

It may be necessary for retirees to reduce debt and monthly costs. Foundation assistance may then help the applicant to live independently with dignity as long as is safe.

    Are you eligible?

    Being eligible for Foundation assistance is not a guarantee of assistance. Each request is evaluated on its individual merits. To be eligible to apply for a grant, you or your spouse will have been employed by a company listed in the Employer List.

      • Current employee – must have at least one year of service and be in good standing.
      • Retiree or former employee – must have at least one year of service at an eligible company during a qualified time period.
      • Eligible family members include spouse, minor children, or surviving spouse.

    Are you having a financial hardship?

    Financial hardship is determined when certain circumstances prevent you from meeting basic, reasonable living expenses.

      • Examples include experiencing an illness that caused you to miss work or having more medical expenses than expected or having a reduction in work hours at your job or being laid- off.

    Are you requesting assistance we can help with?

    The Foundation assists with unforeseen financial difficulties.

      • Specific assistance includes such costs as rent or mortgage payments, utility bills, medical expenses and funeral costs. Examples appear in Grantee Stories.
      • For retirees, the Foundation is sometimes able to provide a limited amount of in-home care or meet certain out-of-pocket medical costs, among other types of assistance.
      • The Foundation’s skilled case managers are experienced in providing helpful advice and guidance to resources and referrals for different types of assistance.
    • Obtain application by downloading it here. Or, you may contact the Foundation by sending an email to or calling 213-680-7460 to request an application.
    • On the application include your financial information and a detailed explanation of the problem and how funds will be used.
    • Attach copies of your last two paycheck stubs or other proof of income (for yourself and other adult members in your household), and your previous year’s filed 1040 income tax return (a W-2 will not suffice).
    • When your application is complete, mail or fax the application materials to the Foundation office. Mailing Address: Pfaffinger Foundation, 420 E. Third St., Suite 1010, Los Angeles, CA 90013; fax number: 213-680-7474.
    • Once your application is received, please allow us at least one week to review your information. A Foundation case manager will contact you by phone for an interview to better understand your current needs and concerns. Our case managers can answer questions about the Foundation, the application, and grant review process.
    • Your case manager needs to fully understand your situation and will prepare an application summary for the Case Committee for review and grant/loan disbursement. A decision on your request cannot be made until all financial and employment information has been verified. The case manager will work with you to gather any additional information necessary such as supporting documentation for your request (rent, medical bills, health insurance statement, etc.).
    • Your case manager will evaluate each case on an individual basis and, if appropriate, referrals are made to outside community resources.
    • As soon as your application is complete, it is referred to the Case Committee, which includes current and former managers from the newspapers that were once part of the Times Mirror companies. The final decision is made by this experienced committee and typically makes a decision within one to two weeks. The Case Committee’s deliberations are confidential.
    • Once the decision is made, your case manager will contact you directly to review the Case Committee’s recommendations and explain how approved funds will be administered, such as payment to third party vendors.

Apply for an Individual Grant

Application open to eligible employees, former employees and retirees.