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Individual Grantee Stories

Honoring a son and moving forward


Albert worked in the IT department of his newspaper for 24 years. He and his wife encouraged both of their sons to pursue higher education and supported their plans of going into the medical field. Their youngest son had become a biochemist and began his career working at a local hospital. When Albert was 56 years old, he and his wife were devastated when their oldest son died at age 25 during an auto accident. They learned that their son had a seizure while he was driving and lost control of his car. This sudden and tragic event overwhelmed Albert as their family had just celebrated their son’s recent college graduation. He had been working with children with special needs and applied to medical schools as soon as he completed the prerequistie tests to study medicine. During this difficult time, the family experienced problems and delays with the police investigation into the accident which complicated their grieving process. Overwhelmed by the expenses, Albert reached out to the Foundation to help pay for the unexpected and high cost of their beloved son’s funeral service. The Foundation was there to help Albert and his family with the funeral expenses as well as one month’s assistance with their mortgage and auto insurance.