Courageous woman with cancer spends precious time with adult daughter
Individual Grantee Stories

Path to recovery and better health

Medical Needs

Melanie worked in advertising sales until she retired at age 62. She reached out to the Foundation when she had trouble paying for her dental bills and medical expenses. She had several medical appointments for infusion therapy, labwork, and follow-up doctors’ visits. In 2021, after two years living together, her roommate died. Melanie was faced with the loss of her best friend and having to figure out how to pay the rent and other essential living expenses. She reached out to the Foundation as expenses soon exceeded her monthly income from her disability benefits and small pension. She often felt weak and exhausted after her medical treatments and not able to prepare nutritious meals. Her case manager suggested home delivered meals which Melanie agreed to as she had lost considerable weight within the past 5 years. The Foundation assisted with rent, auto repairs, dental expenses, moving expenses, and home delivered meals. She eventually found a new roommate after nearly a year-long search and with her case manager’s recommendation signed up for more affordable senior housing.