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Individual Grantee Stories

A family’s love


At the age of 18, Matt started working at his newspaper and for over 30 years has worked in the pressroom. He and his wife met when she worked in the same company. She left her newspaper job to pursue a job in administrative services at a non-profit agency. They have a close relationship with their family and often get together to celebrate holidays, special occasions, and other life events. He enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren.

As an employee in good standing, Matt is eligible for ongoing assistance with the Foundation. Back in the fall of 2020, he reached out for help when he took time off from work as he was sick with COVID and lost a big portion of his regular income. This loss of income made it difficult to keep up with his utility bills and rent. He was thankful for the Foundation’s assistance during that time.

To ensure he can meet their household expenses, Matt picks up extra income as a driver for a ridesharing company which he does during his 50-mile commute to work and home. Last year, his wife’s father died after a long illness.

Matt reached out for Foundation assistance as the funeral cost was a financial hardship. The Foundation provided Matt with the financial assistance for the funeral service which allowed his family to grieve together without the additional financial burden.