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Medical Expenses

Patrick is a 73-year-old married father of two adult children. He left his position at Newsday in 2003 at age 55 and stated that he and his wife wanted to move away from Long Island and purchase an old farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania. Patrick’s wife found work immediately at a medical clinic, and Patrick found work at a local hospital in 2005. He was laid off from this job just five years later. Previously, the couple received royalties from oil companies that were using their property as gas wells. These royalties allowed them to manage financially during their retirement. In addition to royalties, they were also generating a small profit from producing lavender products. The royalties ended and they decided to give up their business when his wife’s health declined. Three years ago, they decided to move to Ohio to live close to their daughter and spend time with their grandchildren. Recently, his wife had a hearing test and was diagnosed with hearing loss. Patrick requested assistance and the Foundation was able to pay for a full set of hearing aids for his wife which has helped improve her quality of life.