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Individual Grantee Stories

A long and winding road

Medical Needs

In the late 1990’s, Steve decided to retire early at the age of 64 from his editorial job at Newsday. He received a lump sum benefit and set aside money in a retirement fund then used the rest of the money to cover he and his wife’s living expenses. At age 90, Steve has exhausted most of their retirement and all of their savings. During the 2008 market collapse, the couple sold their home and found themselves in a dire financial situation. They made the difficult decision to file for bankruptcy and downsized into a smaller apartment. The Foundation assisted them with essential medical and dental costs as well as helping pay for their utility bills on a short-term basis. In 2022, Steve’s wife needed to have major surgery. She went to a rehabilitation center where she received physical therapy as she lost the function of her left leg. The Foundation stepped in and assisted with paying for his wife’s hospital bill and a specialized stair lift so she could safely get up and down the stairs of their two-story home. They are planning and have begun looking at more affordable housing as the property owners increased their rent.