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Individual Grantee Stories

Strength and determination

Medical Needs

As an active 85-year-old, Thomas is happy in the neighborhood he has lived in for the past 40 years. He worked in outside sales and retired from his newspaper after 32 years on the job. He opted for a lump sum payment at retirement which he used to pay off high bills and other living expenses. He had a short hospital stay just a few years after his retirement due to a bad leg infection and subsequently needed to have major surgery on his right leg. He uses a wheelchair to aid his mobility and continues to spend time outdoors with his friends and socialize with other locals in his community. Thomas is receiving a monthly Social Security and annuity payment which barely helps meet his monthly expenses and growing healthcare costs. His case manager encouraged Thomas to look at cost-effective saving strategies and to apply for more affordable housing as his landlord increased his rent. Thomas is now on a waiting list for subsidized housing and hopes to stay in or near the community he loves. The Foundation assisted Thomas with medical expenses such as approved dental work, supplemental health insurance, and prescription costs.