worker with protective eyewear
Individual Grantee Stories

Job training and new hope

Living Expenses

Medi, age 44, had his dream job working as a graphic designer in Advertising Operations at the LA Times. His department was outsourced to India in 2016 and he lost his job. When he could not find work as a graphic designer, Medi took physically demanding and low paying jobs that offered no opportunity for advancement. He reached out to the Foundation and shared his feelings of despair. His case manager discussed how the Foundation could assist with job training and living expenses during this transition period. Medi completed a program to become a certified solar technician. He secured a full-time position at a reputable company and has been promoted as a lead for many of the team projects. He is utilizing his experience in design with the newly learned technical skills in his field. In addition to the professional training fees, the Foundation assisted Medi in purchasing tools, work boots and protective clothing.